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Purge: Muck is a Field of Blessing

Tammy Jarvis is known by many as the owner of Ad Astra Books & Coffee House. Her shop sits in Downtown Salina at 141 N Santa Fe.

What many may not know about her, is her eye for the abstract, and creating art out of seemingly thin air.

As part of First Friday, a monthly celebration of all things art in Downtown Salina, Tammy’s current exhibit Purge: Muck is a Field of Blessing, is currently on display at Peaceful Body Wellness Retreat, 148 S Santa Fe.

Tammy’s art is a demonstration of what can happen when we purge certain things from our life, and also take time to notice the small things for what they truly are.

This exhibit took 15 years to assemble, both physically and emotionally. Each piece contains found-object assemblages Tammy has turned into remarkable pieces of art.