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Lyle the Crocodile

In a world full of Mr Grumps, be a Lyle the Crocodile.

That was the musical moral over 500 people heard acted out by Salina Community Theatre, and an extremely talented group of young people.

Lyle the Crocodile, the Musical, is based on the book Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, published in 1965. But, this message is anything but outdated.

In fact, it’s exactly what we need in a time such as this. And, the 10 remarkably talented actors and actresses that graced the stage this weekend, told the story so well.

Musicals are high energy. They are created to be such, and wouldn’t survive without the synergy needed between everyone, both on and off stage.

Such a feat is difficult enough for a cast full of adults. Young kids between 3rd and 8th grade who can accomplish this make for a remarkable performance.

Lyle the Crocodile was entertaining from the opening scene. The performance had very few moments where the audience was not reacting to something be told on stage. The first reaction was laughter, and that didn’t hault all the way through.

The actors and actresses within this musical will not soon be forgotten, and we can only hope that they are able to gather on stage once again.

Each cast member worked together beautifully. They followed each other, backed each other up, and were there for each other. Each held themselves to a professional level that is esteemed by their director, Megan Coberly.

Ms Coberly did a fantastic job directing these young people. From coordinating an entire scene where every cast member was skating the stage on roller skates (Primm wore Rollerblades and Lyle wore Heely’s) to directing a cast member to tell a story without speaking, not a moment of this heartfelt musical was lost on the audience.

Salina Community Theatre, thank you for another outstanding performance. Your community is anxiously awaiting the next!