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Employee Screening

Managers shall ensure daily, and at the beginning of each shift, that no employee who presents with any symptom of illness consistent with COVID-19 be permitted to work. Symptoms of COVID-19 typically include a measured fever of 100 (F) or higher and lower respiratory symptoms including coughing or shortness of breath. Other symptoms include malaise, sudden loss of smell or taste and diarrhea.

1. Has the employee washed their hands or used alcohol-based hand rub on entry? o YES
o NO-please ask them to do so

2. Ask the employee if they have any of the following respiratory symptoms?
o Fever
o Sore throat
o Cough
o New shortness of breath
If YES to any, restrict them from entering the building. If NO to all, proceed to question #3

3. Check temperature and document results. Fever present?
If YES, restrict from entering the building
If NO, proceed to step 4

4. Allow entry into the building and remind the employee to:
a. Wash their hands or use alcohol-based hand rub throughout their time in the building
b. Not shake hands with or touch individuals during their shift

Employers should emphasize to their employees to stay home when sick, practice respiratory etiquette, and hand hygiene.

The above are recommendations from the Saline County Health Department in screening employees. Please refer to KDHE for further guidance to employers and businesses.